Schellenger's Restaurant offers a Variety of Seafood, Steaks, Chicken, Pasta Entrees with various Delectable Combinations. Schellenger's Restaurant at Schellenger and Atlantic Avenues in the heart of Wildwood, has been catering to families for over 30 years. The restaurant is best known for its extravagant nautical novelty displays on the restaurant's roof top and its large seafood-oriented menu.

The Trivelis and Karros families purchased the restaurant in 1978 when it was a steakhouse called El Rancho. They transformed it into a seafood house where diners could enjoy the freshest of seafood at the Jersey Shore prepared in a variety of recipes.

Schellenger's menu can take the prize when it comes to offering the largest menu in the area...



Mon - Thu: 3:00PM till
Saturdays: till 9pm
Sundays: till 10pm

We are open Friday, Saturuday and Sunday till end of May